Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'Tis the Season

OK, so last week was a whirlwind of activity...meetings here, there and everywhere, a holiday showcase, a yard sale, a golf tournament and, well, let's just say I was happy to sleep in on Monday!

I had a booth at the Calexico Chamber of Commerce Holiday Showcase on Thursday afternoon. It was a bit slow, but I sold some of My Classy Glasses as well as some artwork, notecards, calendars and massages. And drank some wine, ate some holiday goodies and wrapped up the night with dinner at the Yum Yum with Hildy for a heated discussion about local politics, politicians and the city's business climate with Yum Yum owners Louie, Johnny and Cristina Wong. Finally wound up the day at midnight (for the 5th night in a row!) and took the back roads home to El Centro. If you're ever in Calexico, head to the Yum Yum for great food, friendly service and all the latest chisme...you won't be disappointed!

SDSU held a golf tournament on Saturday to raise money for scholarships. I do my best to support as many local events and causes as possible so I donated a golf-themed gift basket to the event: a couple of pilsners, some golf balls, a hand painted picture frame, a Christmas ornament and a wine bottle stopper from my "19th Hole" collection. I don't golf and can think of nothing more boring that watching golf, so needless to say, I missed the event. It was for a good cause, though and if they ever hold a miniature golf tournament, I will do my best to round up a team!

In lieu of a day on the greens, my best friend, Kristi, and I loaded up our cars and headed to Santee at the crack of dawn to have our first ever yard sale. Inspired by Niecey Nash, we had cleaned out our homes with the intention of holding a community yard sale in Campo around Labor Day. Well, remember that little imp named Procrastination? Well, he somehow heard of our plans and systematically sabotaged our attempts for months. Finally, at Thanksgiving, Kristi and I declared enough was enough, and decided to have our sale once and for all. There is more traffic in town, so we set up at Aunt Ginny's home. It was slow, but we managed to cut some great deals with several people and donated what we didn't sell to the Campo Homemaker's Thrift Shop, Friends of the Library and our church groups. It was also a great day to bond and make plans for the holidays and beyond.
That wraps up last week...I'm anticipating as much holiday madness this week as well with a posada at Alegria Adult Day Care tonight, trips to San Diego and a Christmas Parade on Saturday...'tis the season! Hasta luego...BTW, if you're agonizing over gifts, visit www.myclassyglasses.com.

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