Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Resolution Revolution

I'm making my 2009 New Year's Resolutions early this year...or maybe I'm just way, way behind the eightball for 2008! Can someone tell me how December got here so fast?
After not so much as picking up a brush for 6 months, I experienced a sudden burst of creativity a couple of weeks ago. Armed with a bottle of wine, I painted eight pieces in a mere 6 hours while "The Motorcycle Diaries" looped in the background so that I could get this year's MonicArt Calendar out. One of my faves from this year is "Blue Hawaii," inspired by Elivis and the hibiscus margarita glass I was drinking my lambrusco from that night. So sue me! I was tired of using the same old wine glass!
So, on to resolutions: #1 is done! I'm blogging! What?! OK, you're right, #1 is really lose weight (isn't that everyone's #1, except maybe Calista Flockhart and Kate Moss??) And blogging wasn't #2 either, or #3, 4 or 5...but starting at resolution #6 isn't bad. In fact, it shows that I'm making progress on #4 (the big "P," as in Procrastination!)
I'm also resolving to drink better wine out of cool glasses, and I've got some awesome ones at myclassyglasses.com. Until next time, Salud, dinero y amor!

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